League Management System

Create teams, assign players and coaches, print/email team rosters automatically. Our player assignment screen makes it easy to see and group the custom choices that were made during registration (i.e. request friend, request team, team history, etc.). This will allow easy assignment based on registration choices.
Automated scheduler that will create, modify and post schedules to your website. In addition, schedules can be created manually or imported from an Excel spreadsheet.
Coach and/or volunteer applications can be collected securly online. Optionally, background checks can be performed within Jarvis at a national level.


Jarvis provides a complete web league manager including team formation, coach assignment, scheduling and background checks.

Jarvis makes publishing schedules and distributing rosters easy - with the click of a button. Schedules can be published to your custom website and roster's delivered via email to all coaches and volunteers.

Our coach application process makes it easy to see who has filled out coach applications and who as expressed coaching interest. Applications can be approved and background checks performed. Our communication module makes it easy to communicate with your coaches and/or team members.