Facility Scheduling

Daily, monthly and yearly calendars enable you to see all your facility reservations. In addition, a list view will enable you to apply payment, print contracts and return security deposits.
Facilities can be rented, used for games, practices and/or blocked for any event. Facility calendars may be published on your custom website for public viewing.
Reservations can be single or recurring on a daily, weekly, montly or yearly basis.


Facility Scheduling with Jarvis is effortless. No more double-booking!

Jarvis allows both internal facility reservations as well as online initiated from your website. Online reservations automatically notify the organization of the facility request.

Our organizations currently utilize their website to publish facility availability calendars as well as provide practice and facility requests to be initiated online. This saves the organziation time as the applicant can first ensure the facility is available and then make their request. Online payment is also available.